Today principal shooting of The Biggest Lie will come to an end. Masood Haque, the director, has been amazing and thanks to Sasha Kaye playing Amy Saunders the great script by Daniel Miska and Masood Haque turned in to a very touching piece. Shooting at the New York Comedy Club today we were trying to work with very simple setups and a small team: the production aims at giving the actors the right space and freedom to develop the story of the character by having not the usual bunch of 30 people and two trucks of gear standing around. Using the huge advantage of shooting on physically very small stills cameras, we were able to get some really stunning intense footage yesterday at the East Side Promenade overlooking Manhattan.
As usually, the hope remains that the good energy from set will transfer to the editing room – only when a film is finished you have been facing and addressing really all the challenges and you can really call it to be “in the can” or as we say in German: “Du sollst den Tag nicht vor dem Abend loben.”

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