Social Drama with a Sci-Fi Comedy Touch.

A while back, I shot in Germany  Mein linker grosser Zeh.  Produced by the production house UE Spionjak, written & directed by a set of at least three directors, an extended family of Croatian-German descend. Entertaining at its best & funny to the bone the Spionjaks made with Mein linker grosser Zeh their debut appearance on the big screen, having done lots of commercials and shorts in the past as well as successfully produced music for over 20 years in their studios in the Bavarian Tötzham.

Mein linker grosser Zeh is a comedy & a drama with social & sci-fi elements. What sounds like sprung from the minds of crazy people, is beyond that intensly entertaining and heaps of fun to watch.

For English audience, there is a small Walsh-Irish intermezzo from the music-comedians Mark’n Simoan guest-starring as the useless snipers Bell&Bone.

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