Last year, I ran for state parliament in Bavaria, Germany. And I won.

Embarked on this amazing journey, I still don’t know what it will hold on the way and where the wind will take us. So far, I set the sails for the better of the people and the planet.

You can read more on my Sanne Kurz politician homepage.

This is it in brief:

I am now a Member of Parliament (MP or in German MdL) in Bavaria. My electorate is Munich East. I am also responsible for Ingolstadt.
I am a member of Parlamentarian Group Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. And I was elected for the time being from 2018-2023, when new elections will be held.

Of course there’s a Newsletter be aware, it’s in German… 😉 Kurz&Gut Newsletter and no worries, it does come not on a regular basis and only from time to time!

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