Born and bred in southern Germany. Dutch, German and Australian education and work background. Lighting cameraman, DP, cinematographer, Kameramann or better put: Kamerafrau.

With over 17 years experience as a DP, Sanne has shot in Africa, Israel, the US, Europe and Australia; making her years as a DP a broad and culturally varied experience.  – Sanne is fluent in English, German and Dutch and has a basic knowledge of French and Hebrew.

Sanne’s experience ranges from feature films to documentary, award-winning commercials, clips and experimental projects. With a professional command of numerous shooting formats she’s open to shoot on the best format serving your story.

Sanne has been able to concentrate on her work as a DOP, and build upon her experience as a 2nd Unit DOP and Camera Operator. She has been fortunate enough to work alongside many international DOP’s – including Vilmosz Zsigmond and Laszlo Kovacs.

Sanne is an extremely relaxed and professional collaborator. She works confidently with all the people she meets during the film making process – entering into the true spirit of artistic partnerships. She is an excellent and enthusiastic communicator and very experienced in online-preproduction.

With a solid documentary background Sanne enjoys immensely the art of observation; lighting on location; observing and reconstructing the glow of natural light; capturing the interaction between characters and seeing each story emerge gives her great satisfaction.

Sanne’s technical skills have grown out of a love for the new and unexpected. She has worked with:

  • 16 and 35mm film as well as all common digital formats
  • black & white, reversal and colour, High-Def and Film, shooting on print and high-contrast title stock
  • used to location and studio work, in love with the beauty of natural light
  • familiar with green screen & VFX, back projection, reversal cross-processing, flashing, ENR, day-for-night, bleach by-pass, push&pull processing, S8, wind-up/hand-crank, DSLR

Always keen to try something.

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