Having been thrilled about Mommy Is Coming being selected for the Berlin International Film Festival 2012, I found out now that another film I shot got in to Berlinale:
Rodicas’, by director Alice Gruia will have its world premiere there. It was so much fun making it. And so much has happened since. My congratulations to the team and: See you there!

…this is how you imagine a film shoot about free education in schools such as Summerhill, where students decide themselves what they wanna do and when they’d like to do it. For the shoot, before all those team-premieres, I spent a lovely time in Dartmoor, UK, and Freiburg, Germany. We’ve been working for Doing Nothing All Day, a documentary, that takes the idea of participation further by offering each and any one to be part of the movie. How? Check it out here.

Partially crowd-funded, you can support the film here and follow updates on Facebook here.

I’m very glad that everyone in Munich finally is getting the chance to see them live: Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze will be playing this Thursday eve for the Opernfestspiele of Bayerische Staatsoper. Get a glimpse of their music in the documentary about them I shot in Senegal. Or go straight see them – tickets available here.

The Filmstiftung NRW funded documentary Rodicas, directed&produced by Alice Gruia, shot by Sanne Kurz, has its cast&crew premiere on 4th of June in Cologne, Germany. It’s definitely worth to meet the two Rodicas upfront on the film’s homepage. What a set of lovely Ladies they are!

Last spring I shot in Israel a trailer for Doing Nothing All Day, a documentary about democratic education. Now, the Bavarian film Funding Body fff announced their positive funding decision. Read all about the involvement of broadcaster BR in this project here or visit the homepage of the film here.

Many great new things are to come in 2011. We had a good meeting with the Bavarian film funding body fff last week. nicht weit von mir (not far from me) had its first screening at fff with music and to my regret not with our lovely grading. But what shall I say:  Julia Rappold, head of the funding division overseeing the production of nicht weit von mir, she seemd to like it.  Have another look at the trailer of the film here.

Other great news is that German broadcaster BR, thanks to the introduction through fff, joined the supporting team behind Doing Nothing All Day, a documentary by Munich based artist Margarete Hentze – my congratulations on that.

Her efforts not only helped create the collaboration with BR, but hopefully will result in positive answers by funding bodies Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film and fff over the next weeks.

Before I went to shoot Where there’s Smoke in New Jersey, I posted here a few snippets from the dailies of a film I shot in NY earlier this year.

Now The Biggest Lie by Masood Haque of Eksaki Films, shot on DSLR in Feb 2010 on location in Manhattan, is finished. Watch the trailer, and check the homepage for more information.

I love the mood of this trailer a lot. But the snippets from the dailies are slightly better upload quality. So if you came here to check DSLR footage, compare Canon 7D with Canon 5D etc…check the snippets!

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