Last year, I ran for state parliament in Bavaria, Germany. And I won.

Embarked on this amazing journey, I still don’t know what it will hold on the way and where the wind will take us. So far, I set the sails for the better of the people and the planet.

You can read more on my Sanne Kurz politician homepage.

This is it in brief:

I am now a Member of Parliament (MP or in German MdL) in Bavaria. My electorate is Munich East. I am also responsible for Ingolstadt.
I am a member of Parlamentarian Group Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. And I was elected for the time being from 2018-2023, when new elections will be held.

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Eine andere Welt ist Pflanzbar (Another world is planatable), Immer dienstags um fünf (Every Tuesday at Teatime) aka Verabredung mit der Zukunft (A Date with the Future), Die Herberge (The Shelter): Movies, that matter.

That’s what I am doing.

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Stadtbibliotheksvortragssaal. The word is so adorable long that its length alone should be a good reason to go and watch a movie there tonight. There, in the Stadtbibliotheksvortragssaal @Gasteig, Rosenheimerplatz, Munich.

Walaa! is screening there. Walaa! is a documentary film about an Israeli-Arab women-football player. She lives in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel, she plays in Israel in the professional’s league, she used to be in the Israeli National Team and is now in the Palestinian National Team. She’s got an Israeli passport, is born and bred in Israel, never lived elsewhere but in Israel, has all her family there and will move there again after she finishes her studies in Jenin.
Checkpoints and borders dominate her life. But the real obstacles to overcome, are deep within the traditions of the Arab world.

Walaa! – Directed by: Noemi Schneider. Cinematography: Sanne Kurz.
@DOK.fest Munich one more time on

Israel documentary film My German ChildrenMy German Children screens @the DOK.fest Munich on Tuesday, 14th of May, 17:00.

boy in Mongolian mountains looking down in to a valley with a river at sunriseWe came a long way with The Singer. A bunch of amazing people came together for post production. We’re so happy to have Bernhard Wießner for the montage of the movie on board. Our heart goes out to all people who helped us on the way. Editing commences these days in Berlin.


Two more days, and we’ll be relocating to Shanghai, China.

Our film is almost in the can, I’m looking forward to meet the excellent producers who have been prepping the China part of our shoot.

Have a look at what we got done so far in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. My 1st AC, Lambert Strehlke, was kind enough to get some screen shots sorted for us:


Two extras needed for a small shoot at Munich university. This Tuesday, 7th of August 2012, one hour in the timeframe from 11:00-15:30. You should look 18-24, type “student”. 30,- € compensation for the hassle. Please get in touch here.

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