Re-designing my page, I found another trailer of a film I shot a few years back in Australia. Action, thriller… was fun to do it. Especially with a lead as lovely as Andy McPhee.

Since the quality is unfortunately very poor, I’ll probably stick with my shorter version of a trailer…but nice to see, no?

Many great new things are to come in 2011. We had a good meeting with the Bavarian film funding body fff last week. nicht weit von mir (not far from me) had its first screening at fff with music and to my regret not with our lovely grading. But what shall I say:  Julia Rappold, head of the funding division overseeing the production of nicht weit von mir, she seemd to like it.  Have another look at the trailer of the film here.

Other great news is that German broadcaster BR, thanks to the introduction through fff, joined the supporting team behind Doing Nothing All Day, a documentary by Munich based artist Margarete Hentze – my congratulations on that.

Her efforts not only helped create the collaboration with BR, but hopefully will result in positive answers by funding bodies Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film and fff over the next weeks.

Thanks to D-Facto Motion kindly sponsoring us we can grade nicht weit von mir this week on Scratch in a lovely suite with projection. Having shot on DSLR I expected all sorts of major problems – especially when doing secondaries or having larger tweaks. But so far all goes surprisingly well and the 5D with all its pros and cons has not let me and colorist Sebastian Wild down. Watch nicht weit von mir (working title Andererseits) here or here.

A film about girls with bad boyfriends and bad habits by Tawnya Foskett. Film stills here.

It’s an American production. No generous public funding in this movie. All budget for this film comes from private and corporate sponsors. Make a difference and post your tax-deductible contribution to post production now on kickstarter.

Before I went to shoot Where there’s Smoke in New Jersey, I posted here a few snippets from the dailies of a film I shot in NY earlier this year.

Now The Biggest Lie by Masood Haque of Eksaki Films, shot on DSLR in Feb 2010 on location in Manhattan, is finished. Watch the trailer, and check the homepage for more information.

I love the mood of this trailer a lot. But the snippets from the dailies are slightly better upload quality. So if you came here to check DSLR footage, compare Canon 7D with Canon 5D etc…check the snippets!

A while back, I shot in Germany  Mein linker grosser Zeh.  Produced by the production house UE Spionjak, written & directed by a set of at least three directors, an extended family of Croatian-German descend. Entertaining at its best & funny to the bone the Spionjaks made with Mein linker grosser Zeh their debut appearance on the big screen, having done lots of commercials and shorts in the past as well as successfully produced music for over 20 years in their studios in the Bavarian Tötzham.

Mein linker grosser Zeh is a comedy & a drama with social & sci-fi elements. What sounds like sprung from the minds of crazy people, is beyond that intensly entertaining and heaps of fun to watch.

For English audience, there is a small Walsh-Irish intermezzo from the music-comedians Mark’n Simoan guest-starring as the useless snipers Bell&Bone.

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