Find here films I work and worked on. Hannah is a German production telling the story of a very independent woman in a wheelchair Mein grosser linker Zeh featuring Gregory B. Waldis as Bruno, a seemingly autistic man with a enormous large left toe – when he meets Emma with similar features, he not only discovers love, but things not from this world  Andererseits a film about lucid dreaming Griotmovie Ablaye Cissoko – Kora player and Griot – a film about holding the past and reaching out to the future.

And here people I enjoy to work with aenniemal fashion design styling alice gruia actor director anna brownfield filmmaker icon alexey kuchinsky vfx supervisor nuke artist the bakery agent ben cain filmmaker artist eva van Heijningen puppeteer filmmaker leni wesselmann filmmaker actor klara landrat photographer painter rüdiger görlitz director screen-writer sabi paisa script supervisor screen writer sebastian wild editor colourist steffen rapp music sound design snuffbox filmmakers screenings festivals tawnya foskett writer director.




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