Himmelfilm. A film about childhood memories of the sky. Dir. Jiska Rickels. Germany 2004.

Millionäre werden wir nicht. A film about a carnie family in the place I’m from. Dir. Sanne Kurz. Germany 1998.

Laute. Sounds. Essay about a bell-foundary. Dir. Sanne Kurz. Germany 1996.

Das Geheime Kino. Secret Cinema. A film about an exploitation film club. Dir. Michael Wolf. Germany 2007.

The Griot. – A Man and his Music. Senegalese Jazz musician Ablaye Cissoko reaching out for a better future of his country whilst trying to preserve the past. Dir. Volker Goetze. Ger/USA 2009.

City without Jews – Karolinenplatz. Project for the Jewish Museum Munich. Dir. Steffen Weber. Germany 2008.

Weaving Steel – Eisenflechter. A film inspired by Alexander Rodtschenko. Dir. Sanne Kurz. Germany 2008.

Mercedes – Tanz der Elemente. A corporate film observing a construction. Dir. Yuval Tzafrir. Germany 2002.

Montage of some of my documentary work.

City without Jews – Chapel St. Nikolai. Project for the Jewish Museum Munich. Dir. Steffen Weber & others. Germany 2008.

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