nicht weit von mir. A film about lucid dreaming shot on the Canon 5D MkII. Dir. Ruediger Goerlitz. Prod. Reach Media.

The Biggest Lie. Sometimes, the biggest lies are the ones, we tell ourselves. Shot on DSLR. Dir. Masood Haque. Prod. Eksaki Films.

1, 2, 3. “Any idiot can face a crisis. It is this day-to-day living that wears you out.” Shot on 35mm Academy Format. Awarded the German National Award for women DPs 2009. Dir. Siobhan Jackson.

The Line. Shot on S16, hand-crank 16 and HD. Cannes 2007 “Marche du Film”. 2007 Palm Beach International Film Festival. Dir. Michael Adante. Prod. Adantefilm. Australia 2005.

Girls Who Smoke. Shot in New Jersey 2010. Dir. Tawnya Foskett. Prod. The Auteur Tribe.

Unter der ErdeUnderground. Shot on 35mm push-processed. Clermont-Ferrand 2002, Milano Film Festival Staff Award 2002. Dir. Christian Moris Mueller. Germany 2002.

Maikas Wochenende. Children’s film about a child from German-Japanese descend struggeling with her idendity, torn between cultures as her German father and her Japanese mum break up. Shot on miniDV. Dir. Marie Miyayama. Germany 2001.

Chalk Lines. Period drama about a boy discovering passion. Shot on 16. Dir. Daniel Brophy. Australia 2005.

Après Ski. Two couples, young and beautiful, come home from a skiing trip and decide to stay the night in an old empty brewery. A decision they soon regret. Horror-thriller shot on 16 reversal stock and cross processed. Dir. Philipp Clarin. Germany 1998.

Das Buch des Alchemisten – The Alchemist’s Book. As a little boy Severin believed in an evil book. Tonight, he will believe again. – A film about a book, that attacks the reader’s sanity. Shot on the Red One in 4k workflow. Dir. Michael Wolf. Germany 2008.

Edgar en Joyce. Dir. Janneke van Heesch. The Netherlands, 1999.

Galactic Sex Wars. Dir. Robbie McEwan. Australia, 2008.

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  1. Tämä peli voi ollavähäinen erillään peli, joka on erittäin helppo hallita , ja merkittävää ROI .

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