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Many great new things are to come in 2011. We had a good meeting with the Bavarian film funding body fff last week. nicht weit von mir (not far from me) had its first screening at fff with music and to my regret not with our lovely grading. But what shall I say:  Julia Rappold, head of the funding division overseeing the production of nicht weit von mir, she seemd to like it.  Have another look at the trailer of the film here.

Other great news is that German broadcaster BR, thanks to the introduction through fff, joined the supporting team behind Doing Nothing All Day, a documentary by Munich based artist Margarete Hentze – my congratulations on that.

Her efforts not only helped create the collaboration with BR, but hopefully will result in positive answers by funding bodies Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film and fff over the next weeks.

Having visited the cinema technique exhibition cinec yesterday, Everybody could see that 5D is moch more of a trend than 3D…excuse the pun…

Andererseits, a German feature film by director Rüdiger Görlitz  which I shot on the Canon 5D mkII early last year, just published a new teaser.

Have a look at the montage of rushes here and tell me which version you’d like to see up there on my showreel.

…oh, and did you hear of the new German version of my homepage?

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