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Griot, a music documentary film by Volker Goetze, took an even longer path, travelling via New York, where German born director and composer Goetze worked on completion of this emotional piece for many years. – A journey worth to travel, as the fruits of Goetze’s efforts could be harvested all along the way:

It was great fun shooting this film. So I was not surprised, that Volker got massively energized by the impact of the shoot and his deeply moving experiences in the ancient culture of Western Africa. Carried on by this energy, he kept performing on prestigious events such as the Munich International Opera Festival all through out post-production –  besides finishing his debut film, arranging and composing his own work.

Produces by WEITBLICK MEDIA, parts of the movie Griot inspired Volker Goetze to write a breathtaking multimedia symphony, which has successfully premiered in the studios of Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Cologne (WDR Köln) in 2011.

Griot will celebrate its world premiere this Autumn at the 28th Warsaw Film Festival, one of the 14 top listed A festivals on this planet. – Congrats from Europe!

Griot has been  made possible with the help of many people. Volker Goetze wants to thank amongst many others: WEITBLICK MEDIA, Sam Pollard, Victor Kanefsky, Leslie Mulkey a.k.a Holcomb Reed, Joshue Ott, Randy Weston, Ph.D. Mamadou Diouf and last not least the Griot, Ablaye Cissoko.

Official homepage of the musical documentary Griot.
Griot press material and Further Reading.
The duo of the griot Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze on Facebook.
Youtube Channel of the maker of Griot Volker Goetze.
Homepage of head producer, writer and director Volker Goetze.
Facebook page of the trumpeter and composer Volker Goetze.

For further information, other festival appearances, soundtrack and world sales inquiries for Griot please contact the production company WEITBLICK MEDIA  via GRIOTMOVIE@GMAIL.COM.
 Photographs on this page by:  Youri Lenquette, Karl-Heinz Krauskopf.

A film about girls with bad boyfriends and bad habits by Tawnya Foskett. Film stills here.

It’s an American production. No generous public funding in this movie. All budget for this film comes from private and corporate sponsors. Make a difference and post your tax-deductible contribution to post production now on kickstarter.

Before I went to shoot Where there’s Smoke in New Jersey, I posted here a few snippets from the dailies of a film I shot in NY earlier this year.

Now The Biggest Lie by Masood Haque of Eksaki Films, shot on DSLR in Feb 2010 on location in Manhattan, is finished. Watch the trailer, and check the homepage for more information.

I love the mood of this trailer a lot. But the snippets from the dailies are slightly better upload quality. So if you came here to check DSLR footage, compare Canon 7D with Canon 5D etc…check the snippets!

Leaving today to location in Asbury Park down the Jersey coast for the project Where there’s Smoke by director Tawnya Foskett. A film about two women with bad boyfriends and bad habits.

Having met Tawnya when shooting her film Whole Pieces in Melbourne, this is our third collaboration on a movie. If you like as much as I do strolling in visual worlds, check here for our mood board.

This October director Tawnya Foskett, whom with I worked before in Melbourne, will finally get together again. We’ll make Tawnya’s next film: Where there’s Smoke.  A film about two women with bad boyfriends and bad habits. Sounds like fun!

The film needs your support. Give The Auteur Tribe your money.

We will shoot at the East Coast. Watch some stunning mood-board impressions of the films look here. And do give them dollars – just click on the image above.

Today principal shooting of The Biggest Lie will come to an end. Masood Haque, the director, has been amazing and thanks to Sasha Kaye playing Amy Saunders the great script by Daniel Miska and Masood Haque turned in to a very touching piece. Shooting at the New York Comedy Club today we were trying to work with very simple setups and a small team: the production aims at giving the actors the right space and freedom to develop the story of the character by having not the usual bunch of 30 people and two trucks of gear standing around. Using the huge advantage of shooting on physically very small stills cameras, we were able to get some really stunning intense footage yesterday at the East Side Promenade overlooking Manhattan.
As usually, the hope remains that the good energy from set will transfer to the editing room – only when a film is finished you have been facing and addressing really all the challenges and you can really call it to be “in the can” or as we say in German: “Du sollst den Tag nicht vor dem Abend loben.”

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