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Photography Project - Kamera Sanne KurzMunich central station, platform 11. Starbucks is luring at the corner, but help and advice for travelers and those in need can be found much rather next door. The train station mission Munich, the Bahnhofsmission München, has open doors 24/7.

I was lucky enough to do a wonderful project for the Bayerische Bahnhofsmissionen two years back with the Australian-German director  Vanessa van Houten. – Now the Munich based artist Christiane Huber has been invited to do a photography project with the guests of the Bahnhofsmission München.

An open space, many excited guests of the mission, a truly wonderful support from the staff and the many different stories, that flooded together with the people straight in to our studio, made this project a great success for all people involved.

The exhibition can be seen on the National Day of the Train Station Missions, Saturday, 20th of April 2013, Munich Central Station, Platform 11.


I was lucky enough to bump in to Vika Evdokimenko, who found me following a kind recommendation by Martin Blankemeyer Munich Filmwerkstatt. Vika is currently working on a character driven observational documentary about secular women, who find their way to a religious life at a later stage – often very unexpected.

Produced by Mosaic Films there was a small budget to follow our Ukraine born Munich based protagonist Marianna for a bit down the path in to her new life – an intensely enjoyable shoot and collaboration, hopefully to be seen soon on British TV prior to international release.

…I tend to take ups and downs in life with lots of humour…being so deeply immersed in to this lovely enclosed world for so long now, I found this one here today…

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